24/04/2020 07:45
We reduced the number of participants in our courses including their cooperation with health standards (mouth and nose masks) during our lessons
11/04/2018 11:32
It depends on the paragraph (scope of work) you are allowed to do according to the ordinance 50/1978 Coll. Basic is a doctor's check up - written protocol. Paragraph 4 only doesn't need more documents beside the doctor's protocol and your photo I.D. Paragraphs 5,6,7 need in addition a copy of your...
01/01/2018 08:49
How to evaluate electrotechnical engineering degrees and other qualifications earned abroad to be acceptable in the Czech Republic?   The Department of Education and Youth of the Regional Authorities in the Czech Republics (Krajsky urad – odbor skolstvi) fulfill the statutory function of an...
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